Xerox Phaser 7800- jam in paper tray / clean the feed rollers

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Solution : Clean the Feed Rollers

Periodically inspect the feed rollers in each of the installed trays, and clean the rollers if paper dust or other residue is visible. Dirt on the feed rollers can cause paper jams or deteriorate print quality.

  1. Pull out the tray until it stops.

    Pull out the tray

  2. Tilt the tray upward, and pull to remove the tray completely from the printer.

    Remove the tray completely

    NOTE: Trays 4 and 5 in the 2500-sheet feeder cannot be removed.

  3. Locate the feed rollers in the printer cavity; where the tray was removed.

    Locate feed rollers

  4. Slide the feed roller cover toward the front of printer.

    Slide feed roller cover

  5. Rotate each feed roller until the roller hook is visible.
  6. Pull each feed roller hook out of the groove on the axle.

    Pull hook out of groove

  7. Slide the feed rollers to the front and remove the rollers, one at a time.

    Remove the feed rollers
  8. Wipe the rollers with a clean, lint-free cloth, moistened with water.
  9. Align the hole of the first feed roller with the axle.

    Align feed rollers with axle

  10. Slide the feed roller along the axle until the protrusions fit completely into the slots, and the roller hook resets into the groove.

    Install the feed roller

  11. Install the second and third feed rollers using a similar method.
  12. Slide the feed roller cover back into the printer.

    Slide feed roller cover back

  13. Reinsert the tray at an angle.

    Re-install the tray

  14. Slide the tray back into the printer.
  15. Repeat for all of the installed trays.
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