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Solution : Make Sure the Printer is the Default Printer and Check the Paper Tray Settings in the Application

  1. Make sure the printer is the default printer:
    1. Open the Printers or Printers and Faxes window. See the Related Content for additional information.
    2. The default printer will have a check mark. If the printer is the default printer then close the window. If the printer is not the default printer, right-click on the printer, select [Set as Default Printer], and then close this window.
  2. Check the paper tray settings in the application:
    1. Open the file to be printed.
    2. Select [Page Setup] from the File menu. The Page Setup window will be displayed.
    3. Select the [Paper] tab.
    4. Under the Paper Source option, make sure that First Page and Other Pages are set to [Automatically Select].

      NOTE: Do not select [Default Auto Select], as this option will have all jobs print from the default tray no matter what is selected in the print driver.

    5. Select the [Default] button (bottom left). A 'Do you want to change the default settings for Page Setup? This will affect all new Documents' message will be displayed.
    6. Click [Yes]. This will only change the default settings for the default printer.
    7. Click [OK] to save settings.
    8. Print the document.
  3. If necessary, repeat step 1 if the default printer was modified and needs to be set to the original printer.
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