Xerox WC7556- Paper Jam in Paper Trays 1, 2, 3, and 4

Service Dispatch Coordinator -

NOTE: To avoid damaging the printer, always remove misfed media carefully, without tearing it. Try to remove the paper in the direction that the paper would normally feed. Any piece of media left in the printer, whether large or small, can obstruct the media path and cause further misfeeds. Do not reload media that has misfed.

  1. Check the jam message on the Touch Screen before opening the paper tray. If there is a paper jam inside the printer, clear the jam inside the printer first.
  2. Pull out the paper tray where the paper jam occurred.

    Open paper tray where jam occurred

  3. Remove any jammed paper. If paper is torn, remove the tray completely and check inside the printer for torn pieces of paper.

    Pull out the paper tray where the paper jam occurred

  4. Reload the tray with undamaged paper, and make sure the paper edge guides are positioned correctly against the paper.
  5. Push the tray in until it stops.
  6. Make sure the paper tray settings displayed on the Touch Screen are correct. If the settings are correct, then select the [Confirm] button. If the paper tray information is incorrect:
    1. Select the [Change Settings] button.
    2. Select the correct size, type and color.
    3. Select the [Save] button.
    4. Select the [Confirm] button.
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