The uncertain future of Sharp copiers...

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At ICC Business Products, we believe that information is key when making any decision. For this reason, we want to make sure our clients, both current and future, have important information about the copier industry which may have a dramatic effect on your business. According to numerous publications online, Sharp Corp. may be selling off their air conditioner and copier businesses. 


Here is link to the story from Reuters:

What seems to be an industry giant, Sharp Corp is strapped for cash and looking to sell off its copier division. Billions in loans need refinanced and that is what's making this a possible solution for the global brand. Many may believe there is no way this could happen, Sharp could never get out of the copier business, but our industry has seen such strange events happen before! 

Of the potential buyers for the copier business from Sharp is none other than Kyocera Corp. ICC is proud to offer Kyocera Corp office machines and printers! While you may not be familiar with this product line, rest assured that Kyocera makes a phenomenal product with industry leading reliability and world class low Total Cost of Ownership. Ask ICC Business Products about how this Kyocera hardware could make a difference in your office today! 

Why sign up for a multi-year agreement on Sharp hardware when the future of that company is uncertain? Partner with ICC and you know you're dealing with a local company that offers some of the best hardware in the industry from manufacturers that are financially strong, proven for quality and going to be around for years and years to come! 



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