Scan to email on Xerox WorkCentre 5700 series MFP - Gmail

Bob Ray -

More and more, clients are utilizing the cloud for their email service. Gmail, GoDaddy, Yahoo and others are hosting email services for clients and those clients require scan to email just like anyone else. However, the setup for these systems is not always as simple as a standard locally hosted email system. Here are the steps we've found to work when it comes to scanning to Gmail from the Xerox WorkCentre 5700 series monochrome MFP's. 


  1. The absolute latest level of firmware is required. At the time of this writing, we had to use level to get scan to Gmail to work. 
  2. There's a slight difference in set up between a PAID Gmail account and a FREE Gmail account. This set of instructions is for a PAID Gmail account.
  3. For Scan to email we must set up SMTP. Specify the SMTP server manually and set it to "" using Port 465. See picture "email 1" attached to this post.
  4. For the email address of the MFP you can enter whatever you desire. In our instance we used "". 
  5. Next we need to configure SMTP Authentication. Set both options on that tab to "SYSTEM" and enter a verified username and password. See picture "email 2" attached to this post.
  6. Next we must set the Connection Encryption method. On that tab, select SSL/TLS and save the setting. See "email 3" picture attached to this post. 
  7. Before we test the setup, make sure the Email setup has been configured with a default From address. That can be set up menu on the left hand side under SERVICES - EMAIL - DEFAULTS. See picture "email 4" attached to this post. 
  8. Once all of this has been set, we should be able to test the configuration. Go back under SMTP set up and enter an email address to test. See "email 5" and "email 6" pictures attached to this post. 

That should be it! If any errors come up when you test the configuration, you'll need to double check all username's and passwords. The username and password entered under the Authentication settings must be correct or none of this will work. 

Hope this helps! 
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